Thadie is BACK!

I have been whitening my bimongs all weekend and it worked great!Now comes face up time. I managed to give Thadie one as well as work on her mohawk. ….Its  a work in progress. I think Ill have to make her a headcap and alpaca mohawk with flocking for the sides. This looks great from like two angles ahahah

Thadie is a Bimong Narae in french white resin

Well that was stupid

So, I tried to respond to a couple of the reblogs I got for my last post about whether to get Rosy or Hael. I ended up reblogging it to my other account which has absolutely nothing to do with dolls. So I figured I’d delete that post and reblog/respond again using this account.

Well because I am just so darned smart, I ended up deleting the post I made on this account instead. -headdesk-

Here’s my response to you guys (the one thing I managed to save orz) and thank you for responding. 

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Thanks fo the advise! :3 I’m not really interested in the extra heads. Although if I don’t feel comfortable buying by next Tuesday (when free shipping ends), I might see if I can do a split with someone who is. Supia’s events tend to be the same: gift head, free shipping, free wig, things like that, so I’m not really worried about waiting for the Winter/Christmas event. Maybe I’d even be able to get both at the same time! ;0;

But yeah, I probably should get Rosy sooner rather than later. I guess part of the hesitation is that I’m scared she won’t be what I imagined her to be and that I won’t like her even though I’ve been pining over her for years. Hael on the other hand doesn’t have that grail status and doesn’t have the expectation of being perfect upon arrival, so in that sense she’d be easier?. If that makes any sense.


My girls hanging out together :)

Carmen again. Gave her bigger temporary eyes, made ger eyeshadow darker and added more pink/red to her lips.

Carmen again. Gave her bigger temporary eyes, made ger eyeshadow darker and added more pink/red to her lips.


You can use Liquitex matte medium and matte varnish as an alternative to MSC without owning an airbrush. Just dab it on carefully with a makeup sponge. The varnish gives a very natural looking skinlike glow and texture, much more beautiful than MSC. Just remove the dust that get caught in the medium/varnish with a needle before it dries and be careful not to smudge the blushing with the sponge. One bottle each lasts forever. Try it, for the sake of the environment, your wallet and your lungs!

Image by BJDConfessions

I’m going to try to do this on my girl’s hands. But eventually I’d like to invest in an airbrush for face-ups.


Chimera returned home today and my god, she’s so freaking breathtaking!!! I cannot believe I have my grail right in front of me! I’m so over the moon! I’m still in shock and taking it in. She was absolutely worth every penny and working my ass off to get her! I totally believe in saving for the doll you truly want and god she was fucking worth it! 

A mega huge thank you to Angel Toast for bringing my grail to life for me. She’s is beyond anything I could have imagined, thank you! 

Photos also on my Flickr.